New piece for 2015 ‘The Journey’ cast bronze 26″ x 12″ x 10″


  • 51 feet tall
  • 3000 pounds of cast bronze
  • 2000 pounds of structural steel

Installed at Bellevue Place in Washington State and commissioned by Kemper Freeman Jr. Endless Celebration is the tallest standing cast bronze sculpture in the US. Please browse the photos from the Endless Celebration installation.

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The roots of civic sculpture are long and deep. The felt need for memorial stones, carved marble and cast bronze sculpture has strewn these kinds of objects across time and space. In sites as distinct as the Jordan River, Pearl Harbor and downtown Manhattan they collectively constitute a huge lake poured from the human need to give formal expression to the memories and aspirations of the communities that they have served. Gesso Cocteau’s contribution to this lake, Endless Celebration, located in downtown Bellevue WA., is audacious in scale and, fronting a smartly designed office complex at Bellevue Place, refreshing in conception. In many respects, Endless Celebration is simply Gesso large. Her works participate in the deep streams of the Modernist philosophical and aesthetic tradition, as articulated by Henri Bergson and given form by Constantine Brancusi and Henri Matisse, in the early decades of the Twentieth Century.

– Duncan Simcoe M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Visual Arts