...the taste of thirst

June 5, 2015


the taste of thirst…


If metaphors of pain

are what you remember

may my mouth be open to the ground

burying our prayer

in open hands of water.


If the dampness

of my tongue

reminds you

that there is now an implacable silence_______


If you dream of me

walking through a forest upon my knees

from the roots of tangled trees

weave me a crown without thorns

and place it upon my feet.



If this new but familiar emptiness

kisses you with parched lips

and the cut of a thousand swords

rips through your tongue

and if you decide to speak

obey the silence you have commanded___________


If you decide to look and cannot find me

remember this space was pure

without expectation

open to all possibilities

now buried by void.


We have both been frightened

by being and not being

with pale patience are mouths went mute

and the curves of my body unwrapped their need

into the shadows of your voice no longer respondent.


If this knowing

that I would come to you

and struggle between a ledge and a river,

in your voice that has lived a thousand years

would you have said …just once….“be with me” ?


The flavor of having is so often

bitter and sweet…

it is the taste of the tongue between the crevice

the taste of thirst…


Gesso Cocteau 2014 ©


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