The Photography of Saul Landell

September 8, 2015

Latley I discovered a photographer by the name of Saul Landell.

Instead of trying to verbalize what I think of his work which

I find almost beyond is what he says about his work.

"Should I take an image in a world that I see or in a world that I understand? Images of a real or a posible world? Those are the questions that I ask myself when I try to translate personal concepts into photographic language.I do not alter reality in order to deceive the senses. I do so to express concepts beyond the momentary, revealing the fragility of man (humanity) as a wound with the aim not to suffer it but to gain a deeper understanding of myself.I find photography's capacity for abstraction and narrative irresistible- impossible stories akin to surrealism and magic realism rather than the savagery of urbanity and its sterile spaces.My photography arises out of my personal desires rather than technique and technology. It is almost an artisan's approach though which I attempt to express my own hallucinations and moments of silence. My photographs don't offer answers. At best, they attempt to create more questions."

You can view Saul's work at

Everything at the edge

falling into shadows

illuminated by


cutting pleasure

into pain…

It had to do with the image

striking the chord of

a minor key

the ebony adagio

muffled by a holy shroud.

Hanging within

the obsidian atmosphere

conducting the nothingness

the banishing mood

swallowing stygian air…


ignosce pater peccavi_____


And so it was to speak…


A man and a woman immersed within the flesh

suspended by hooks and chains

fingers stiffened with the humidity of

their want muted and

sculpted into stillness.

The immensity of forever

piercing the skin

with their affliction of desire….


The confession of the wetness

dripped into my mouth

as I witnessed the image

the eternity of craving

covered by abstinence..


And I would straddle the nothingness

and rapaciously taste your essence

just once to understand

this landscape of exile

you place yourself within…


If this is your world

I hang next to you

wet and waiting…


©gesso cocteau










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The Photography of Saul Landell

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