Gesso Cocteau Drawings

October 24, 2015


From analyzed intricate realism to dismantled reduction.

From detailed realistic drawings I find fragments of my body

and reduce it to fundamental abstract sculpture.

My detailed graphite drawings are executed in Michelangelo fashion

yet when translated into sculpture I break the concept down into components

of a generalized modern form of sculpture.

It's the journey from the perfection of realism to the deconstructed sculpture that

shows what my artistic journey and narrative is all about.


 ​My two worlds of realism and abstract cannot survive independent of each other: they are co dependent.

For me I cannot have one without the other.

On a two dimensional plane I am a realist yet on a three dimensional plane I am more abstract.

I cannot get to the level of abstraction in my sculpture without having gone through the two-dimensional detailed realistic images...

It's an obsession of the detail of my own physique that I express and perfect in my drawings...

I am my own muse enamored by the search for perfection with my own physique and I try to capture this in my realistic illustrations.



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Gesso Cocteau Drawings

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